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Come far diventare Jedi Atton Mira bao-dur Handmaiden in.

I'm doing my second playthrough of KOTOR 2 right now and I missed the opportunity to make Atton a jedi last playthrough. How can I make Atton a jedi this time around? What influence checks are there and what should I choose to gain influence with him? Atton Romance: Star Wars KotOR 2 [complete] FluffyNinjaLlama; 29 videos;. Imprisoned in secret Jedi academy on Telos by FluffyNinjaLlama. 7:56. Star Wars KotOR 2: Atton Romance 7: Atton and T3-M4 play Pazaak by FluffyNinjaLlama. 1:42. Star Wars KotOR 2: Atton Romance 8: Atton asks Bao-Dur if he has any chance with the Exile by.

Quindi ottenuto il classico lungo dialogo prodromo per tutti i futuri jedi si ottiene la possibilità di allenarla. Sarà necessario tornare a Nar Shadaa nel quartiere Promenade dove Kreia vi aveva mostrato come ascoltare con la Forza. Parlate lì con Mira e lei dovrebbe diventare un Jedi. 01/07/2009 · Atton – Dark Jedi Sentinel Bao-Dur – Dark Jedi Guardian Disciple – Dark Jedi Consular Handmaiden – Dark Jedi Guardian Mira – Dark Jedi Sentinel. KOTOR 2 Influence Guide Meh. Atton takes too long. I usually go for Bao-Dur first, he's the easiest to turn, IMO. Atton is pretty much gonna be a fixture in my party because I like the character. I forget what set up I had for him before, and I was wondering if you all had any tips as to how I should build the character. My current thoughts are to level him up to 13 as a Scoundrel before changing him to a Jedi.

How do you make atton a jedi in Star Wars knights of the old republic 2? Answer. 1 and 2 are both available for purchase and download from online game services such as steam. Star Wars the Old Republic is available for free from SWTOR's homesite which manages the online game service. 14/03/2009 · Closely afterwards, you will go into something about opening Atton's mind to the Force and go into a series of conversation choices where there is only one choice, and Atton will not say anything in between. After completing this, the game will state that Atton is now a Jedi Sentinel. He will level up, making Force powers now available to him.

17/11/2008 · Closely afterwards, you will go into something about opening Atton's mind to the Force and go into a series of conversation choices where there is only one choice, and Atton will not say anything in between. After completing this, the game will state that Atton is now a Jedi Sentinel. He will level up, making Force powers now available to him. 31/05/2016 · May 31, 2016 @ 2:53pm Can't. Atton is universal he can become jedi or sith. Harbinger - after you enter there will be argue about what to do next - your dialog will give influence with Kreia or Atton, stay with Atton's idea. Harbinger - befor Sion appears, Atton. 12/03/2009 · Atton zum Jedi KotOR 2 Ich hab auf Nar Shaddaa mit den zwei Twi'leks geredet und dann mit Atton. Dann sollte man ihn doch eigentlich zum Jedi ausbilden können. Ich hatte aber nich genug Einfluss um das Gespräch fortzuführen. 13/12/2004 · Atton Atton joins your party after you free from the Peragus cells. With the correct influence, you can gain further dialog options and train Disciple to become a Jedi. At many points within the game, Atton may offer suggestions on a course of action when in your party. Accepting his suggestions is a good way to gain further Influence. 30/12/2004 · I beat the game and my jedi chick never got any lovin. I wanted to open up the romance with Atton, and now I want to know what happens if you get it. Did you have to make him your apprentice in order to get the romance story? I never had enough influence with him to finish his backstory, either.

06/10/2017 · At first, Atton is better as a ranged fighter, but as you increase his damage and melee skills he can become a formidable soldier at close range. Influence Atton can be trained in the ways of a Jedi Sentinel if you play your cards right. In order to accomplish this you must go to the refugee section on Nar Shaddaa without Atton.
KotOR II character building. In the off chance that now that the game is on steam more people will re. Jedi Guardian: Highest HP, but that's about it. Extra feats by 15. For example, Atton is good to stop @ level 6 when he gets the second rank of scoundrel's luck. 16/04/2010 · Star Wars KotOR 2 Atton becomes a Jedi ? I know that if I want to make Atton a jedi I have to go to Nar Shadaa and when the two Twi'lecs appear and ask me if I want to know something about Atton I should pay them and hear them out BUT I accidentaly said that I don'tt want to listen to them and I tried to fix this I went to.

KOTOR 2 Influence Guide OMG boards community.

10/02/2015 · “Kriff off, all of you,” - Atton Rand Joking aside, this is what it says on the box: Atton with a scruffy bit of facial hair. Works best for light side players. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact me at my tumblr, visasmar. Please note that the texture on his jacket in these screenshots comes from the mod 4k Atton by. 07/04/2005 · is there something that starts the Atton influence rolling? Is is pazzak beating him or something like you have to beat Handmadein in combat to gain influence with her. I really want to turn him into a jedi this playthrough. Thought most of his past is unknown, we do know that he murdered a Jedi due to the cutscene that took place on Telos. The exile finds him on Peragus, trapped in a force cage. Eventually he joins your party and continues to be helpful.

Is there a COMPLETE Influence Guide for KOTOR II?. for example, get Atton to <10 Influence to be trained in the opposite alignment, or just to look over the various triggers a character has to better understand who they are. 2 points · 4 years ago · edited 4 years ago. Bien, cuando te lo cuente y si tienes confianza alta en el, ve a hablar con Atton en la cabina de la nave Halcón De Ébano y pregúntale sobre su pasado, si tienes suficiente confianza, te lo contará y podrás elegirlo como padawan y de esta manera, se convertirá en jedi, en un centinela jedi con la posibilidad de manejar armas jedi y.

29/10/2005 · I am wondering about atton and getting him to his jedi state. I have got him about half way up the light side of the force bar using influence and have payed the twileks the credits on Nar Shadaa and talked to atton about the wars. I have heared that in the conversation about the war that you get. Kotor 2 Atton Rand K2 - A Lesson to Live By by aimo. Kotor 2 Atton Rand K2 - A Lesson to Live By by aimo. Visit. K2 - A. Star Wars Kotor First Jedi Nine Movie Star Wars Games The Old Republic Star Wars Fan Art Star Trek Kotor 2 Jedi Knight. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. 01/11/2013 · 18. Nov KotOR 2: cheats funktionieren nicht 01. Nov KotOR 2: Atton gegen Twilek? 01. Nov KotOR 2: Tür in Militärbasis 31. Okt KotOR 2: Tür im Iziz Palast 26. Aug KotOR 2: Mods richtig installieren 08. Jun KotOR 2: Konsole geht nicht 26. Mai KotOR 2:.

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