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Hognose Snakes Are Unique Species with an Upward Directional Nose that Helps Them Tunnel. They are One of The Easiest Snake Species To Care For. But They Do Have Their Own Special Requirements. Here's a Detailed Hognose Snake Care Guide on How To Set up Their Habitat, and Ensure They're Properly Fed and Cleaned. Hognose snakes are a group of Colubrid species, Colubrids being the most common snake family. They’re related to other popular pets like corn snakes and gopher snakes, although hognoses don’t necessarily share the same habitat. So, why should you have one as a pet? Hognose snakes are friendly and easy []. Western hognose snakes thrive in relatively dry conditions. They need a minimum humid level of 30 percent and a maximum of 50 percent. Southern and Eastern hognose snakes normally need a slightly higher level of humidity i.e. 50 to 60 percent. Putting a large dish of water in your pet’s cage will produce the required humidity levels. At Backwater Reptiles, we feed our hognose snakes appropriately sized frozen/thawed mice. Adults can be fed once per week, but growing hatchlings should be offered food at least twice per week. Conclusion – Western Hognose Snake Care. We recommend Western hognose snakes for reptile lovers of all experience levels.

The western hognose snake is a relatively small, stout-bodied snake. Its color and pattern is highly variable between subspecies, although most specimens appear much like rattlesnakes to the untrained eye, which appears to be Batesian Mimicry. Cage Maintenance Western Hognose Snakes require minimal maintenance as they usually excrete small amounts of semi-solid fluid. Aspen bedding allows for quick cleaning of feces using one of our scoopers. Be sure to add fresh bedding after scooping waste to maintain enough substrate for burrowing. Tricolor hognose snake Xenodon pulcher is small and stout colubrid species. They mimic milk snakes or coral snakes with their red, black, and white ringed patterns. Care sheet provided by Kathy Love. THE HOGNOSE SNAKE. The place to find the most useful Hognose Snake information on the internet! - hognose Snake care sheet, all you need to know about keeping Hognose Snakes! Hognose snake habitat, Hognose snake shedding, what substrate to use for Hognose snakes, Hognose snake heating requirements and more.

Heating your hognose snake enclosure. Conventional wisdom for achieving the right hognose temperature is to use a heat mat, and some people will argue in favor of heat mats until the day they die. But nature doesn’t have heat mats, and temperatures underground tend to be cooler than temperatures on the surface, not warmer. Snakes make good pets as long as you choose a suitable type for your experience level and select a healthy reptile. Your snake needs a secure, properly sized cage made from an appropriate material, and it must close with a proper lid. Hognose snakes may be fossorial, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a good climb every now and then. It’s good exercise, encouraging healthy muscle tone. It also makes the most of your enclosure’s vertical space. Don’t forget to install lid locks, though, or else you may find that you’ve given your hognose the perfect ladder. Care Sheet for Western Hognose Snakes. March 19, 2017. Western Hognose Snakes are one of the most unique and entertaining snake species available today. They have gained popularity due in part to their attractive coloration, relatively small size, gentle nature and unique behaviors. Hognose Snake: Care tips and Breeding advice for the Madagascar Giant Hognose Snake - Written by Zoologist Frank Indiviglio on That Reptile Blog.

04/07/2019 · Western Hognose Snakes have pretty simple care requierments and this week we tackle how to set up the perfect hognose enclosure. Check out this video about b.

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