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The latest Tweets from Jing Wei @Smite_JingWei. ¡Holiii! Soy Jing Wei, la Guardiana del Juramento. Quieres jugar. Estoy lista!. ¡Campo de Batalla! In realtà, dato il concetto dell'Induismo di una sola verità con più manifestazioni fisiche potrebbe validamente interpretare tutti gli dei all'interno di Smite come indù. Così come anche gli dei al di fuori di Smite." Nonostante la risposta, ancora il governo indù non si dichiara convinta. Also Ares as a example lol. he barely in air he hovering Jing WEi is actually using her wings to Fly high and Ares ult does great damage and huge cc LoL. kid i play smite longer then u and jing before go in air she is untocheble while ares in air is killeble Jing is. Jing Wei is a meta ADC and one of the top picks because she’s so safe and good at not dying, which is important in duo lane that’s early game gank city right now. She can fit nicely onto any team. Chang’e is more difficult to place right now. Jing Wei has decent clear and her passive means she will hardly ever miss farm, so a Jing Wei will be leveling and getting items very efficiently which means if you ignore her for too long you will fall behind and then a fed Jing Wei will mess you up.

05/10/2015 · SMITE Jing Wei build guide: Staying wei ahead with the Oathkeeper. A mobility-based Hunter addition to SMITE's Chinese pantheon, Jing Wei is a just a hop, skip, and a jump away from being one of the most difficult to pin down goddesses on file. 14/04/2016 · Jing Wei, The Oathkeeper is the latest god to join the pantheons of Smite [official site]. I’m now trying to find out where I put the Smite public test realm on my hard drive. Wait – it’s live on the actual servers! WELL. While I update the client I am watching videos to learn more about Jing. Este post también está disponible en Español: Spanish. The time has yet arrived! We know a new goddess in the list of upcoming Gods. Jing Wei will join the battle in about a Month adding one more option for chinese pantheon.

This tutorial will outline the way we do criss-cross backs on our pigtail wigs. The wigs look more complicated than they are! More so than any sort of special skill, criss crossin. 12/04/2016 · GameSpot is giving away thousands of codes for SMITE's Jing Wei along with her alternate skin, Reborn! Jing Wei's got a crazy amount of mobility and can pull off some aerial maneuvers like no other god can. "A new Bonus Round has been added to. Jing Wei is a Smite Goddess released in April 2016. Check out all info about Jing Wei, including builds, stats, lore, abilities, history and more! 4 Jing Wei Smite HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. - Wallpaper Abyss.

Buy SMITE: Jing Wei and Reborn Skin - Official website CD KEY at the cheapest prices. Activate the CD Key on your Official website client. Save money and find the best deal. This page was last edited on 2 April 2017, at 19:18. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Game content and materials are trademarks and.

Jing Wei is ready ShadowMan-DDT 8 0 SMITE Demonic Jing Way Kimirasu 13 0 Bounty Huntress Jing Wei Lei-Mizuhime 48 6 Jing Wei Myodora 18 2 Adult Jing Wai Kimirasu 10 0 Jing Wei Smite Mike-MM 44 6 jing wei. smite community art collab flytedify 61 6 Jing Wei doodle M-Katar 53 16 Jing Wei - Mastery Skin - Smite jaggudada 380 8 Dragon Girl Jing Wei. Jing Wei, is a bird entity linked to the Emperor Yan, and is the star of the tale of Jing Wei; she lost her life to the sea and vowed to fill the sea by dropping sticks and rocks into the East Sea one by one. She doesn’t sound too bright in that tale, and []. Jing Wei Smite. 45 6 1K 1 Today. It's been a long time since i drew anything but i couldn't resist a little Jing Wei, right?: Image size. 1920x1080px 1.56 MB. Show More. See More by Mike-MM. Featured in collections. MOBA and MMOPPG by Ana-Archer. Smite by HexReverie. SMITE by TheCoconutTurtle. MORE LIKE THIS. Featured in groups See All. Hades sat on his throne and contemplated the scrying crystal before him. The crystal rose from the broken tiles of his throne room, suspended in a web of thick roots and creeper vines, and its milky facets shone with a cold light. He gestured, and the cloudiness of the facets cleared, revealing frenzied images. He watched sombrely as Cerberus. As usual, all you need to do to get your code is follow our Twitter account below if you haven’t already, and then enter your email address. Then redeem via the in-game store of SMITE. SMITE Jing Wei Giveaway. Jing Wei is characterized by high mobility and aerial maneuvers. Here's a bit of lore about her from the SMITE wiki.

  1. Against the red rising sun, a winged form sweeps out to sea, claw clutched around a pebble. With focused grit, she hurls the small stone into the watery maw, circling above as it sinks into darkness. Resolved, she turns back to collect another. Jing Wei will not cease until the ocean is filled. That is her oath. And she will not break an oath.
  2. Honestly, I don't think there is no perfect build for her right now in S6. I think she is one of the hardest hunters to build for, if not the hardest and you kind of just need to build based on what's going on that game when playing Jing Wei. I think it's gonna take more time.
  3. SMITE, the world's No. 1 Action MOBA, puts players in control of mythological Gods from a third-person perspective. Now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, & Mac!
  4. Jing Wei creates a gust of wind that damages enemies and knocks up enemy gods when summoned. The gust persists for 6s and continues to knock up and deal additional damage to enemies every 1s. If Jing Wei walks onto the area she is knocked into the air.

Today marked the livestream and reveal of Smite‘s Patch Notes for Patch 3.6: Escape from the Underworld, adding a new event, miscellaneous new skins and changes, and of course, the new goddess Jing Wei. As part of the new “Escape from the Underworld” event, Smite’s welcoming a new bonus arena event. This bonus round takes []. 29/10/2019 · So last week I was playing a siege as Jing Wei with a couple of my friends, it’s worth noting that I am bad at aiming hance why I stay with Merle characters like tanks. But someone wanted to tank and out of the remaining people I was the better ADC and Jing is fun. So about 5 mins into this game. 18/07/2018 · Im gonna preface this by saying Jing Wei, even tho it looks good on paper, is a terrible jungler. She deals very little damage until very late into the game and even with her knock up has a very weak ganking potential. But Im crazy anyway and have tryed it out for you in the name of. This allows.

Jingwei has a dialogue with the sea where the sea scoffs her, saying that she won't be able to fill it up even in a million years, whereupon she retorts that she will spend ten million years, even one hundred million years, whatever it takes to fill up the sea so that others would not have to perish as she did. For SMITE on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Jing Wei".

  1. Jing Wei has become one of, if not the most, dominant Hunter of Season 3. Her initial reception was that she was weak and she received many buffs, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements over time. Jing Wei now feels great to play, but the main issue with her is that she is too safe.
  2. The latest Tweets from Jing Wei @jingWei_smite. I like flying crack dont take me seriously P L E A S E.

SMITE Giveaway - Win Jing Wei & Alternate Skin. Editor's Note - This contest has now ended. Stay tuned for more exciting competitions here on GameGrin. The latest god from the Chinese pantheon, Jing Wei, has come to join the fray in SMITE, as part of the latest update.

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